"The Gold Standard in Upholstery"

Established in 1958, Ross Custom Inc. RCI is the leading Custom Furniture and Reupholstery shop. Owned and operated by the Allaire, Inc., "perfection" is always at the forefront of the shops mission. Servicing the High-End community of Designers in Scottsdale and around the US, RCI understands what it takes to service exquisite style and taste. In a word where true custom is no longer offered on a broad scale, RCI fills the niche many find themselves searching for. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, just 10 minutes from Phoenix International Airport, RCI is the perfect choice to those around the globe with the desire for distinct High-End Furniture. Please send RCI an email in the "contact" tab with any requests or questions. Custom brings a new dimension to a home, and with RCI's help, any drawing or idea can be brought to life.